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  • Top 20 Halloween Costumes for Black Girls with Natural Curly Hair , Afros , Braids

    Natural Hair is beautiful! Your gorgeous coils, curls and kinks can help make any boring Halloween costume look unique, beautiful and BOLD! This year we challenge you to use your natural hair to level up your basic Halloween costume to a masterpiece!  You also don't have to wear costumes of characters that already have curly hair either! You can get creative!  These Halloween costumes are great for all people but especially Black girls who don't want to straighten their hair for Halloween. You can use braiding hair, twists , protective styles or just let your natural hair free! Here are own Top 20 Halloween costumes for 2020 that anyone can wear with natural hair, afro hair, curly hair, wigs or even braiding hair! 
  • 10 Black Owned Natural Hair Care Brands Selling Products with Amazon Prime Shipping!

    Let's support black owned businesses in the haircare industry! Many of these black owned beauty and haircare brands have high quality natural ingredients that are great for your hair health. Not only that, many of these brand owners have started their own foundations that give money to families struggling...
  • 3 Quick + Easy Ways To Save Money on Hair Products in 2020

    It’s 2020 and so many things are going on in the world right now that might make you want to save your money and spend it wisely. But here’s the thing, that does not mean you have to give up the stuff you love! You can still slay on a budget! I’m a firm believer in - you don’t have to break the bank to look cute! That’s why I’m sharing with you guys my top 3 ways that I personally use to save TONS of money on hair and beauty products. Some of these ways offer great discounts and others even PAY YOU to shop and give you cash-back! If your goal is to save money on hair and beauty products make sure you don’t forget to use ALL THREE TIPS!

    1. The 10 Best Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair | Spring + Summer 2020

      Braids are one of the most popular ways to style natural curly and afro textured hair! Braids have always been popular for natural hair because there are tons of unique braided hairstyles to choose from. Braids a protective hairstyle and you can try new hair colors without damaging your hair too! Here are our top 10 IG inspired braided hairstyles for natural hair for spring and summer 2019! 
    2. Top 5 Reasons Why Your Natural Curly Hair Isn’t Growing

      We naturals spend so much time when it comes to perfecting our hair,  that it can be frustrating when it looks like it's not growing. Sometimes we...
    3. 15 Celebrity Natural Hairstyles that Killed it at the Grammys 2020

      Our fave natural hairstyles on celebrities at the Grammys! There were afros, curls, coils, braids, twists and locs and so many more styles that embraced Black Culture. 
    4. 10 Reasons Why Satin Lined Hats are a MUST for Curly Natural Hair

      MADE to protect your curly natural hair, this stretchy satin-lined beanie hat will protect your hair, fight frizz and save your hairstyle during the winter! 
      LUCKILY there’s one hat out there specifically made for us-by us, the Natural Born Curls Hat! Natural Born Curls has satin-lined winter hats that STRETCH to fit around your curls while protecting it with satin lining!
      So here are 10 reasons why you need to dump your old hats for this new satin-lined winter beanie for curly hair:
    5. Brown Skin Girl Tribute: 50 Brown Skin Girls you NEED to Follow with Natural Hairstyles

      Beyonce’s latest hit Brown Skin Girl has got us in our feelings over here at Natural Born Curls. So we decided to do a Brown Skin Girl Tribute to shout out 50 of our favorite influencers, models, students, and girl bosses on Instagram who have gorgeous deep brown skin AND slay natural hairstyles! These girls can rock curly hair, huge afros, and mini afro puffs. Plus they are giving us major hair inspo with their protective styles like twists, locs and braids! 
    6. Afro Appreciation Post | 10 Girls who Slay their Natural Hair | Afro Hairstyle Ideas|

      This is just a reminder that afros and afro-textured hair are beautiful whether big, small, curly, picked out or blow dried. It’s all beautiful AF. Here are a few of our faves… 
    7. Best Brushes To Detangle Your Natural Curly + Kinky Hair

      If you were never taught the proper tools to use to detangle natural hair, here are a few that will make wash day a breeze!