The 10 Best Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair | Spring + Summer 2020 – Natural Born Curls

The 10 Best Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair | Spring + Summer 2020

Braids are one of the most popular ways to style natural curly and afro textured hair! Braids have always been popular for natural hair because there are tons of unique braided hairstyles to choose from. Braids are even a protective hairstyle! This means when done properly, it can help people grow out their natural hair and reduce breakage.
One of the best things about braids is that you can try out tons of different hair colors without damaging your natural hair! You can get pre-dyed braiding hair in nearly every color from fire red to pastel blue. Weather you love box braids, fulani braids, feed in braids, cornrows, braided buns, you name it, there is a braided hairstyle just for you out there! Here are some of our favorite Instagram Inspired Braided Hairstyles. (Check out our Pinterest for more!)
  1. Box Braids with Space Buns | Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Featured: @_dachanelle_
Space buns on box braids are so cute! This style is box braids, half-up/half-down , and space buns all in one! So if you’re indecisive about your hairstyle this is just for you!
  1. Feed In Braids Hairstyle | Feed In Braids Ponytail
Featured: @kersti.pitre
This braided ponytail is on a whole new level of #blackgirlmagic!  
  1. Box Braids +Colorful  Hair Jewelry
Featured : @ashhnyc
These braids are super cute and the accessories are even cuter! We love how she matched her hair jewelry to this eyeshadow look!
  1. Royal Feed In Braid Bun
Featured : @luv_jjp
We don’t even need to tell you how popping this braided bun is, you can see for yourself. #QUEEN
  1. Box Braids with Gold Hair Jewels
Featured : @antamilan
Spice up your traditional box braids with some hair jewelry! If your hair looked BOMB before, imagine it with gold accessories that really make your melanin POP!
  1. Pull Back Box Braids
Featured : @karrill
Black box braids will forever be a look! If you like this classic look, but want to add a little sum’ sum’, try golden hair string!
  1. Beyonce Inspired Ombre Ash Blonde Box Braids
Featured : @tiarramonet
When the weather gets warm (almost) everyone wants to go blonde to switch up their look. Put  down the hair bleach, we’re not drying out our hair today! Get an ombre blonde look with your braids! Just find some ombre blonde braiding hair and now you have a new look minus the split ends from bleach!
  1. Fulani Braids with Wooden Beads
Featured : @rabychouw
Fulani Braids are such a cool hairstyle year-round. If you want to make this look really pop, add some wooden beads to your braids!
  1. Navy Blue Box Braids + Pony Tail Hairstyle
Featured : @nneunfiltered
If you want to switch it up this season add a subtle hint of color with some navy blue braids. You can always tie it up in a high ponytail when you’re tired of having your hair in your face.  With a cute headband and styled your baby hairs, you’ve got a whole look!
  1. Ombre Cotton Candy Pink + Blue Box Braids
Featured : @fatou_amina
Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! Start the season with a bold new hair color! If you’re afraid of damaging your hair, just used dyed braiding hair for a cute protective style!
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