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About Us

Natural Born Curls is the go-to platform for natural hair and culture. We offer natural hair accessories and apparel. We’re especially known for our Satin Lined Hats, Luxe Headwraps, Natural Hair Planner and Bling Hair pins. Our purpose at Natural Born Curls is to empower everyone with kinks, coils and curls to embrace their natural beauty and bond with curlfriends around the globe.

In 2018 I was on the couch in my college apartment, telling my friend that all the beauty blogs and pages we followed for hair inspiration had stopped posting black women with afro curly hair. While i love to see women with all hair types and hairstyles, there’s something incredibly frustrating about not being represented on the very beauty pages you turn to for inspiration.

I graduated in 2018 and by September, I had launched Natural Born Curls, my hair page and website to promote self love, natural hair inspiration and culture. I created my own hair tutorials and shared them for people who were looking for inspiration like i once was. I also began sharing hair tutorials from everyday girls and they started going viral around the world! It was a sign that I was giving a voice to people in my community who felt unheard. I knew I needed to keep going. 

That's when I set up a sewing machine in my room and began hand sewing satin lined hats to protect natural curly hair.  Plenty of people loved it enough to get one for themselves and for their family members during the holidays.  I realized that there was no way I could continue to hand sew them all, so the first thing I did was buy a sewing machine and the rest is history. 

Founder + CEO of Natural Born Curls

Tatiyana Bellamy @teebellamy


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