Top 20 Halloween Costumes for Black Girls with Natural Curly Hair , Af – Natural Born Curls

Top 20 Halloween Costumes for Black Girls with Natural Curly Hair , Afros , Braids

Halloween Costume Ideas  2020 for Black Girls with Curly Natural Hair
Natural Hair is beautiful! Your gorgeous coils, curls and kinks can help make any boring Halloween costume look unique, beautiful and BOLD! This year we challenge you to use your natural hair to level up your basic Halloween costume to a masterpiece!  You don't have to wear costumes of characters that already have curly hair either! You can get creative!  These Halloween costumes are great for all people but especially Black girls who don't want to straighten their hair for Halloween. You can use braiding hair, twists , protective styles or just let your natural hair free! Here are our Top 20 Halloween costumes for 2020 that anyone can wear with natural hair, afro hair, curly hair, wigs or even braiding hair!
1. Velma- Scooby Doo
Halloween Costume Ideas for Women- Scooby Doo  Velma
Featured: @kieraplease as Velma , @brihall as Daphne from Scooby Doo
2.  Diana: Princess of the Amazons 
Featured: @kieraplease
Diana: Princess of the Amazons Halloween Costume
3. Mrs. Incredible , The Incredibles
Featured: @kieraplease
Mrs. Incredible Halloween Costume Idea 2020
4. Garnet, Steven Universe
Featured: @vickiebane
Garnet Steven Universe Halloween Costume
5. Clawdeen Wolf Monster High
Featured: @kieraplease
Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume
6. Penny Proud
Featured: @lovely.leaundra
Penny Proud Costume | Curly Hair Natural Hair Halloween Costumes
7.Ang - Avatar 
Featured: @kaglome
Ang Avatar the Last Airbender Costume
8. Eliza Wild Thornberrys
Featured:  @samuraiasia
Eliza Wild Thornberrys Costume| Curly Natural Hair Halloween Costumes
9. Audrey - Atlantis
Featured: @samuraiasia
Halloween Costume Ideas
10. Shego- Kim Possible
Featured: @issheblackorazn
Shego - Kim Possible Costume - Natural Hair Halloween Costume Ideas
11. Chucky 
Featured: @issheblackorazn
Chucky Costume Makeup - Halloween Costume Ideas for Natural Curly Hair
12. Sailor Moon
Featured: @evensyaxo
Sailor Moon Halloween Costume- Halloween Costume Ideas for Curly Hair
13. Imani - Paladins
Featured: @brown.suga.outlaw
Black Women Halloween Costume Ideas
14.  Elf/Fairy
Featured: @flawless_by_tenisha
Faily / Elf Halloween Costume Idea
15. Bakugo - My Hero Academia
Featured: @that1girlkaykay
Bakugo Costume | My Hero Academia Cosplay Costume
16. Catwoman
Featured: @chibith0t
Halloween Costume Idea 2020
17. Bratz Doll
Featured: @jasmeannnn
Bratz Halloween Doll Costume
18. Katara - Avatar the Last Airbender
Featured: @lovely.leaundra
Katara Halloween Costume Ideas 2020
19.  Kagome,  Inuyasha
Featured:  @lovely.leaundra
Halloween Costume Ideas 2020
 20.  Raven , Teen Titans
Featured: @kieraplease
Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

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