Product Review Package
Product Review Package
Product Review Package
Product Review Package

Product Review Package

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What products do we review?

-We promote a range of products and businesses including hair care products, hair extensions, hair boutiques, clothing, stylist, makeup lines, books and much more! If you are not sure if we can review your product. Please contact us at or on Instagram via DM.

We WILL NOT promote products that encourage skin bleaching/lightening creams, diet pills, surgeries or other illegal/harmful products/services.

Package Includes:

- Instagram Product Review Video (1 Minute Social Media Optimized Video)

-Full Product Review Video- This is a 3-10 minute video review of your product. It will be posted to Natural Born Curls via IGTV and we will send you a downloadable link that you can later use to upload on your company YouTube channel, website, Facebook, etc.

You will be sent downloadable copies of both the social media optimized video (approx. 1 minute ) and the full product review video (Between 3-10 minutes).

Scroll to see our directions + disclaimer policy.


Once you purchase your advertisement, you will receive a confirmation email explaining how to send us your product for review. Within 1-2 weeks of the item's arrival date, you will receive the product review video. Once you receive the video you will have time to make any additional suggestions before it is posted. When the video has aired, it will be posted on our accounts for a minimum of 1 month. 

Why Choose Us?

Natural Born Curls has a FAST growing global audience of over 150,000+ followers, an average engagement rate of 8%, and WEEKLY traffic reaching over 3 MILLION VIEWS.

Our community is made of REAL, ENGAGED and DEDICATED followers. With a good steady engagement rate, we are one of the LEADING platforms in the beauty, lifestyle and natural hair community. Our high following and engagement mean that there are tons of REAL people to LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE posts about your company.

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Business Advertisement: 

A company with a LARGE and ENGAGED online presence can quickly convert followers into PAYING CUSTOMERS and likes/shares into SALES. However, to become a brand with a great online presence and high conversion rates, you MUST meet your target customers where they are. Generic Facebook and Instagram Ads that are targeted to a large, randomized group of people won’t cut it anymore. When people see that your post is sponsored by major apps, they keep scrolling. Influencer marketing with Natural Born Curls brings your brand straight to your target consumer in a relevant way by sharing how your company will genuinely serve them! That’s what your customers want to see and we know your customers.



All product reviews are our 100% honest opinion. We will not falsify information about the quality of the products in any of our reviews.

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds.

We WILL NOT promote illegitimate businesses or businesses suspected of scams/fraud. 

We DO NOT offer the placement of any company website links in our bio.

By purchasing this advertisement you agree that the amount of engagement on a post is solely dependant on the quality of the product.